"Treasured Moments"
[Flowers from Lady Dj][Flowers from Lady Dj]

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Holly's Photo Album

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[Holly in the flowered chair]     [Holly loved to visit Nanny and Grandpa]
Posing for Mommy! --------------- Posing for Nanny!

[Holly in the cat's box]
I'd sleep anywhere....even in the cat's box!

[Holly and Granny looking out the window]     [Holly sleeping with Grandpa]
Love to watch birdies with Great-granny Kate...and catch a few winks with Grandpa!

[Holly and Reva]
Playing "show-dog" with Aunt Reva!

[Holly and Mike on the couch]      [Holly and Tim in the backyard]
(Mike)-Being close with my brothers in younger days!-(Tim)

[Mommy puts the leash on Holly]     [Mommy holds Holly and Bear]
Going for a walk with Mommy!----Holly, Mommy, & Bear

[Holly loved the snow]    [Holly opened her own presents and anyone else's she could get her paws on]
Playing in the snow is fun----------- but opening presents is much better!

[Holly was always climbing up on the back of the couch]
My favorite nap place -- up on the couch cushions!

[Holly's precious smile]   [Holly hogs the remote control]
Smiling for Mommy! ----------------------- Who's got the remote?

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"Treasured Moments"
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