[A purple ribbon in remembrance of Charlie and all abused animals]


[No animal should ever have to suffer at the hands of humans!]


We cringe in horror and are stunned by the cruelty that is so recklessly handed out to innocent animals. How can anyone commit such heinous deeds? Who would do such terrible things to a helpless animal?

It is sad to say that these questions frequently remain unanswered. Far too often law enforcement pays little or no attention to these horrible incidents. It is frightening to live in a world where such acts of cruelty rate a slap on the wrist or totally go unpunished.

Not only are these crimes against families, they are crimes against society. Cruel acts towards animals can be signs of worse things to come, often with human victims. The CONNECTION between animal cruelty and crimes committed against people is well documented. It is quite unfortunate that many of our lawmakers and law enforcement officials don't seem to make the connection between the two. If they did, we would see stronger laws to protect the innocent animals and stricter punishment for the monsters who break those laws.

As a society, we need to demand stronger sanctions for crimes committed against animals. We need to firmly take a stand and proclaim that animal cruelty will not be tolerated or disregarded. Ignoring it only invites more violence. We need to make a difference for all animals. We need to take them to our hearts!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

The Cruelty Connection Redux

[Pet-Abuse Resource for owners of abused pets]

[My heart is blue]

WARNING!! SOME are painfully explicit!

Cat Lovers Call for Action ~Justice for Baby Angel
Tortured cat found in Georgia PetSmart shopping cart

[Action Cat--Speak Out!]

[They work to end vivisection (the use of animals in biomedical research, dissection, testing and education). Find out how you can help eliminate animal experimentation and all forms of animal abuse.]


[Brat's Treasure]

[In Defense of Animals--Animal Rights organization fighting vivisection and animal exploitation]


[Lisaviolet's Cat House]


[Stop Inhumane Trapping]

[Help Stop Puppy Mills!]

[Clawed for Life]--declawing is a form of cruelty


Animal Abuse Prevention Agency Inc.

Animal Abuse Report Registry

Animal Concerns Community

Animal Rights

Animal Rights Directory from HandiLinks

Cindy, the burned cat

Doggiemom's Pooch Protection Program

The Helping Paw Society

Why We Shouldn't Tolerate Animal Cruelty

Over 10 million animals are abused,
neglected, or abandoned yearly!

Feed an animal in need--for free!

A click at the above site provides food
for an animal in a shelter or sanctuary.

[Courtesy of Luvcatz--banner link above]

[Keep your cat inside and safe!]

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