Adopt a pet from your local shelter!


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Think about adopting your next pet from a shelter! That's where the best ones are!

If you are looking for a pet, visit your local animal shelter. It's the best place to find one. You will see some wonderful cats and dogs in every size, age, and color; and each one of them is ready and eager to share a lifetime of love with your family. You will save a furry life by adopting from the shelter and will provide your family with its most loyal and loving member.

Why am I here? Where am I going? PLEASE SAVE ME! TAKE ME HOME!Because of pet overpopulation and because there are not enough responsible homes available, thousands of healthy animals must be put to death each year. Needless to say, by the time the animals reach the adoption cages at a shelter, they are facing their one last chance at finding a home. There is so much hope and love in those precious eyes as they search each and every face that passes by their cages. Each animal wants desperately to be chosen for adoption. They don't ask for very much. All they want is food, water, and a little affection; but more than anything else in this world, they want to go home for good with a loving and caring person who will be the light in their lives. Will you please be that special person? Save the life of a shelter animal by adopting one (or two) today!

If you can't adopt an animal, there are quite a few things you can do to help the shelter. Money donations are always welcome, but they can also use donations of animal items such as food, blankets, towels, carriers, leashes, collars, toys, stuffed animals, etc. Some shelters have a "wish list" that you can check to find out what they need most. You can also volunteer your time and a little bit of love to care for some really wonderful animals who have a lot of unconditional love to give and no one to give it to.

You can help the overpopulation problem by having the pets you now own spayed or neutered. You will have a calmer, healthier pet; and the shelters will have fewer animals that have to be killed. Adopt any new pets you want from your local shelter, and tell all your friends and neighbors about the adoption opportunities at the shelter if they are thinking about getting a new pet.

There are thousands of homeless animals right in your own community that desperately need help because they face far too many hardships in their innocent lives. All human beings should be dedicated to ending their needless suffering. It's true that no one person can save them all; but if your actions can make life better for JUST ONE of God's precious critters, your contribution is beyond measure.

YOU can give the gift of life by adopting a homeless animal!


Help North Shore Animal League do good things for the animals!

Pets are not disposable! They are for life!!

Please be kind to all animals! They feel, they hurt, they love unconditionally.

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The Longest Walk
(A Day In The Life Of A Humane Society Employee)

Please save a life--adopt a shelter cat!

Feed an animal in need--for free!



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Volunteer cat rescue and adoption service in Lodi, California
Cat Network
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No-kill/no-cage shelter for felines who need a home --Indianapolis, IN
Cats Online
Home of Cats Protection League --United Kingdom
Ce-Ce & Friends Humane Society (Quincy, MA)
No-kill, all-volunteer shelter for homeless cats and kittens --PLEASE HELP!
City of Boston Animal Control: Shelter & Adoption Center
Wonderful animals for adoption, pet care tips, and more
Connecticut Cat Rescue Web
Help find homes for these cats!
Critter Connection
Lots of great information here!
Diabella's Yellow Pages
Links to online shelters and rescue facilities
Feral Cat Coalition
Trap, spay/neuter, and return them to caretakers
Ferret Aid Society (Ontario, Canada)
"Never killing our ferrets when things get crowded, and never turning a needy ferret away."
Friends of Animals
Protect animals from cruelty and abuse AND offer a nation-wide low cost spay/neuter program
Healthy Pets
Animal care from the American Animal Hospital Assoc.
Help Needed
Great page from Paws R Us
Humane Society & Animal Welfare Ring
List of all sites in the ring
Humane Society of the United States
Promote humane treatment and compassion
In Defense of Animals
Fight vivisection and animal exploitation
K9 Haven
SF Bay area small dog rescue organization (non-profit)
Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources
A collection of animal rescue organizations, facilities, and lists
Last Chance For Animals
Give animals a fighting chance!
Cat/kitten rescue and adoption (Virginia)
Lewis Upshur Dog Pound
Located in Upshur County -- Buckhannon, West Virginia
Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center
Animal rescue and adoption (Huntington, Long Island, NY)
Maryland Rescues
Adopt a pet in Maryland
Meditative Cat's Guide to Helping Our Animal Friends
Animal rights and welfare
Mercy Crusade Inc.
An animal welfare organization
Helping animals in Massachusetts
Nancy's "Spay/Neuter - Save a Life"
Wonderful lady dedicated to all unwanted homeless cats
Noah's Ark
A sanctuary for homeless animals in Illinois
Oasis de los gatos
They maintain a sanctuary for and educate humans about the feral cat
Paws -- Peninsula Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Adopt a homeless Michigan pet
PAWS -- Progressive Animal Welfare Society
They work on behalf of animals everywhere
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ~ PETA
Make a difference for animal rights
People's Anti-Cruelty Association/Albuquerque Animal Rescue
No-kill animal rescue in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pet Action League
No kill-shelter and animal sanctuary ~ PLEASE SPONSOR A PET!
ADOPT A HOMELESS PET TODAY --find a precious little one who needs you NOW!
Pets Alive
A no-kill animal sanctuary -- New York
Pets and People Humane Society
Rescues dogs and cats from shelters in Oklahoma
Pets In Need
Private No-Kill shelter serving the Peninsula and Silicon Valley - California
Rescue and Adoption Bulletin Board
Acme Pet's spot for petlovers helping pets find good homes
Rhinelander Animal Shelter
Adopt a furry friend in Wisconsin -- PLEASE, DO IT TODAY!
Round 2 Rescue
Volunteers who find homes for Boxers and Boston Terriers in need -- Northern and Central California
Safe Haven for Cats
Cat rescue site -- Thanks for caring so much, Jeri!
San Francisco SPCA
ONLY city in the U.S. to currently guarantee that no adoptable dog or cat will be euthanized!!!
Senior Canine Rescue Society
Rescue/Adopt an older dog
Senior Dogs Project
Looking out for older dogs
Shelter Search
Find No Kill shelters and sanctuaries across the U. S.
Siamese Rescue
Rescue the homeless and abandoned Siamese cats of the world and rehome them
Stockton Animal Shelter Friends Adoption Website (CA, USA)
Foster and find homes for unfortunate homeless and unwanted animals
Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Rescue animals in need of medical attention, restore to health, and place in loving homes
Sympathy Cards for Pets
Links to free email cards for pet loss
Texas Animal Shelters
List of shelters in Texas (from Green Oaks North Pet Hospital)
The Ark .... A Humane Society
Volunteers who rescue animals from shelters before they are put to death
The Cat Network
Promote the welfare and well-being of homeless, stray, and feral cats in South Florida
Washington Humane Society (D.C.)
Stray, outcast, and abused animals get a second chance!
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Work to protect all animal life

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