"If you shamefully misuse a cat once she will always maintain a dignified reserve toward you afterward. You will never get her full confidence again." ~ Mark Twain

"How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven." ~ Robert A. Heinlein

"It's very hard to be polite if you're a cat." ~ Anonymous

"When addressed, a gentleman cat does not move a muscle. He looks as if he hasn't heard." ~ Mary Sarton

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." ~ Robert A. Heinlein

"One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives." ~ Mark Twain

"Again I must remind you that a dog's a dog--a cat's a cat." ~ T. S. Eliot

"Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!" ~ Theophile Gautier

"There are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats." ~ Unknown

"It is in the nature of cats to do a certain amount of unescorted roaming." ~ Adlai Stevenson[Poor cat with stuff being thrown at it--PLEASE BE KIND TO ANIMALS!]

"Most cats do not approach humans recklessly. The possibility of concealed weapons, clods or sticks, tend to make them reserved. Homeless cats in particular--with some justification, unfortunately--consider humans their natural enemies. Much ceremony must be observed, and a number of diplomatic feelers put out, before establishing a state of truce." ~ Lloyd Alexander

"The cat of the slums and alleys, starved, outcast, harried, ... still displays the self-reliant watchfulness which man has never taught it to lay aside." ~ Saki

"When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she to me?" ~ Montaigne

"The smart cat doesn't let on that he is." ~ H. G. Frommer

"When anyone mistreats it, the cat wants nothing more to do with that person and will remember him or her for a long time. It doesn't believe in the doctrine of turning the other cheek and won't pretend that it does." ~ Lawrence N. Johnson

"Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow." ~ Jeff Valdez

"The phrase 'domestic cat' is an oxymoron." ~ George Will

"A cat is the only domestic animal I know who toilet trains itself and does a damned impressive job of it." ~ Joseph Epstein

[Variety of cats~Sandtracker]"I purr, therefore I am." ~ Anonymous

"Cats are living adornments." ~ Edwin Lent

"If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him." ~ Anonymous

"The really great thing about cats is their endless variety. One can pick a cat to fit almost any kind of decor, colour scheme, income, personality, mood. But under the fur, whatever colour it may be, there still lies, essentially unchanged, one of the world's free souls." ~ Eric Gurney

"Civilization is defined by the presence of cats." ~ Unknown

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" ~ Charles Dickens

"People that don't like cats haven't met the right one yet." ~ Deborah A. Edwards, D.V.M.

"I called my cat William because no shorter name fits the dignity of his character. Poor old man, he has fits now, so I call him Fitz-William." ~ Josh Billings

"Always the cat remains a little beyond the limits we try to set for him in our blind folly." ~ Andre Norton

"A cat doesn't know what it wants and wants more of it." ~ Richard Hexem

"For me, one of the pleasures of cats' company is their devotion to bodily comfort." ~ Sir Compton Mackenzie

"Few animals display their mood via facial expressions as distinctly as cats." ~ Konrad Lorenz

"Among human beings a cat is merely a cat; among cats a cat is a prowling shadow in a jungle." ~ Karel Capek

[Buddha Cat]"If only cats grew into kittens." ~ R. Stern

"Of all animals, he alone attains the Contemplative Life. He regards the wheel of existence from without, like the Buddha. There is no pretense of sympathy about the cat. He lives alone, aloft, sublime, in a wise passiveness." ~ Andrew Lang

"The Cheshire Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. It looked good-natured, she thought: still it had very long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt it ought to be treated with respect." ~ Lewis Carroll

"Communicating clearly with your cat is mostly a matter of simplifying your own thinking and looking at the situation from the cat's point of view." ~ Anitra Frazier

"It's tough to judge cats. Here we are with our three-pound brains and 100 billion neurons packed into our skulls, trying to figure out a critter with a one to two ounce brain and perhaps 10 billion neurons." ~ Penny Ward Moser

"Any great truth can, and eventually will, be expressed as a cliche. A cliche is a sure and certain way to dilute an idea. For instance, my grandmother used to say, 'The black cat is always the last one off the fence.' I have no idea what she meant, but at one time, it was undoubtedly true." ~ Solomon Short

"I am not a friend and I am not a servant. I am the Cat that walks by himself and I wish to come into your cave." ~ Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories

"In my house you have to talk to cats because, being ten of them, there are a lot of important things you have to say to them--like 'Get off' and 'Shut up' and things like that." ~ Beryl Reid

"Cats appear to have a wonderful ability to weed out everything they don't need to know, while honing in on what is important to them." ~ Joan Hendricks, D.V.M.

Calico cat playing with mouse]"I am not a cat man, but a dog man; and all felines can tell this at a glance -- a sharp, vindictive glance." ~ James Thurber

"Women do not like timid men. Cats do not like prudent rats." ~ John Webb

"The more people I meet, the more I like my cat." ~ Unknown

"It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice." ~ Alec Douglas-Home

"For the most part, cats rule their households." ~ Larry Madrid

"O heaven will not ever Heaven be Unless my cats are there to welcome me." ~ Epitaph in a Pet Cemetery

"A cat is quick to learn anything that concerns its own welfare." ~ William H. A. Carr

"If I wanted to hear the patter of little feet in the house, I'd put shoes on my cat." ~ Unknown

"It is with the approach of winter that cats...wear their richest fur and assume an air of sumptuous and delightful opulence." ~ Pierre Loti

"As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind." ~ Cleveland Amory

"Like those great sphinxes lounging through eternity in noble attitudes upon the desert sand, they gaze incuriously at nothing, calm and wise." ~ Charles Baudelaire

[Cat on the mantle]"Any responsive, intelligent cat can be trained." ~ Ray Berwick

"The cat in gloves can do the pruning in the Rose Garden." ~ Poor Jimmy's Almanac

"A cat sees us as the dog. A cat sees himself as the human." ~ Unknown

"Purring beside our fireplaces and pattering along our back fences, we have got a wild beast as uncowed and uncorrupted as any under heaven." ~ Alan Devoe

"Cats are always elegant." ~ John Weitz

"Usually, if you are very lucky, the cat will treat you as an equal." ~ James K. Olson, D.V.M.

"A loving cat can mend a wounded heart." ~ Anonymous

"Cats possess numerous charms, and anyone who has ever loved a cat has fallen for its magic." ~ Susan Easterly

"The man who sets out to carry a cat by its tail learns something that will always be useful and which never will grow dim or doubtful." ~ Mark Twain

"Cats tend to keep their problems to themselves." ~ Walter Martin, Jr., D.V.M.

"How do cats decide when to jump suddenly up from where they were sitting comfortably curled up and dash madly around the room, knocking over everything they encounter? ~ Unknown

"Sometimes cats can be more rational than some people." ~ Frank W. Bryan

"There is nothing sweeter than his peace when at rest, for there is nothing brisker than his life when in motion." ~ Christopher Smart[Kitten antics]

"Every life should have nine cats." ~ Anonymous

"When you invite a kitten into your home, you bring indoors something slightly wild, often unpredictable and always entertaining." ~ Barbara L. Diamond

"Men who love cats are a special breed..." ~ Barbara L. Diamond

"He [the cat] wound himself around her legs, purring the purr of ardent desire like a kettle coming to a boil and then bubbling very fast." ~ Mary Sarton

"Cats possess a certain timeless quality and have long been associated with mystical abilities." ~ Karen Brademeyer

"What is easily the most dangerous spot cats choose for sleeping? Beneath our feet--sprawled out in hallways or in doorways, tails predictably extended just to be stepped on." ~ Arnold Hano

"One meets the cat in nearly all forms of art...curiously enough she is not a conspicuous figure in Roman or Greek art." ~ Carl Van Vechten

"The probability of a cat eating its dinner has absolutely nothing to do with the price of the food placed before it." ~ C. H. Fish

"And what strange voices they have! Sometimes like the complaining of small children; sometimes like the noise of lambs..." ~ Aldous Huxley, from Sermon in Cats

"Aren't they all heroes--our cats who train us, keep us and put up with us? For these accomplishments alone, they deserve medals." ~ Arnold Hano

[Cat on a ship]"Does ownership of the family cat--and all its by-products--immediately transfer to the female head of the household whenever the word 'hairball' is uttered?" ~ Barbara L. Diamond

"I tell you, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rockers!" ~ Tennessee Ernie Ford

"Every ship should have a cat." ~ Alan Villiers

"While you might see a cat on a hot tin roof, a dog on a hot tin roof would be yowling its head off." ~ Dr. Bruce Fogle

"A cat is often repelled by high energy, even if it involves an invitation. That is why a cat does not always live up to a person's minute-by-minute expectations." ~ Carole Wilbourn

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? That depends a good deal on where you want to get to, said the Cat." ~ Lewis Carroll

"If you put down food and the cat eats, it's hungry. If it doesn't, it isn't." ~ Larry Madrid

"My cat's breath smells like cat food." ~ Ralph Wiggum

"The cat seldom interferes with other people's rights. His intelligence keeps him from doing many of the fool things that complicate life." ~ Carl Van Vechten

"It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more." ~ Agnes Repplier

"If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the purr." ~ Barbara L. Diamond

"I admit to two addictions: cats and painting." ~ Robert Schmalzried[Cat washing its face]

"The whole world is a playground, and the cat is the rightful royalty therein." ~ Karen Duprey

"If cleanliness is next to godliness, surely our cats must go to heaven and sit on the arm of God's throne." ~ Jerry Climer

"When I sound the Meow, I can have my way, but only because I do not need it or want it. You can learn to do the same. And if you do, then everything you do in Heaven or on Earth will be correct and right--unless, of course, you happen to get in my way." ~ Waldo Japussy from The Tao of Meow by Carl Japiske

"Cats love one so much - more than they will allow. But they have so much wisdom they keep it to themselves." ~ Mary Wilkins

"A cat is much like a vintage wine that is enhanced with age." ~ Carole Wilbourn

[Black cat and flowers from CatStuff]

[A pink pawmark]
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