"Black Dog"

[Bear Place Title]

Our Girl, Bear ...
aka "Black Dog" ...

She was 17 years old on March 15, 2003.

Our beautiful Bear went to Rainbow Bridge July 29, 2003. She had cancer. The first tumor was surgically removed by her veterinarian only to be replaced by another after a short period of time. The second one was also surgically removed. By the time the third tumor became large enough to detect, the cancer had already reached an advanced stage. Another operation was not a realistic goal, but Bear was allowed to enjoy a reasonable quality of life until the end.

She is sadly missed by all of us and will always remain in our hearts.

[Bear Z]

My oldest son, Mike, carried a little chow-german shephard mix puppy home in his coat one cold night in 1986 because she needed a home. The people didn't want her and kept her cooped up in a small bathroom. She was around six weeks old according to the vet so we chose a birthday for her -- March 15, 1986. She was just as cute as she could be and looked like a little black bear cub. That's why we named her Bear. Her favorite thing in the whole world is FOOD! She gets very excited over any morsel, and I tell her she's doing her "Scooby-Doo" act. She has grown up to be a very good dog and has been quite healthy. She used to be quite rowdy but has slowed down some with age. If you look close, you can see her blue tongue. Her doctor always says, "All her Chow is in her tongue."

Here are more photos:

[Bear dog photo 1]
In yer face, Ma!

[Bear dog photo 2]
Top of the stairs to ya!

[Bear dog photo 3]
That camera thing is scary, Mommy!

[Bear dog photo 4]
King's X ... I'm on my bed.

[Bear dog photo 5]
I can too fit in a small chair!

[Bear Z]
My favorite place -- out in the yard.

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